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Your child has been using the ST Math software program at Arovista Elementary. The students play visual math "games." Your child's teacher is now able to make selected games available for use from a computer with an internet connection at home. This added feature allows your child to play "JiJi Math" games at home. Games will only be accessible from home if I assign them as "homework". Your child will access the program just as they do at school and, just as at school, they need to play and win the games themselves to get the math learning benefit. The games should not be shared by others in the home.
Your child is used to the ST Math method, which involves solving often complex puzzles. They start at very simple levels, which gradually get more difficult. The ST Math program is designed so that each student reaches a challenging level for them. They may get temporarily "stuck" at a level. This is normal, and I can monitor whether they are stuck for too long. When they reach a learning hurdle, they should try to reason their way to a solution. The software gives constant feedback to show why any answer is right or wrong.

1. Enter web.stmath.com in the address line of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari are recommended).
2. Click on the big JiJi (penguin).
3. Only if this is the first time logging in at home, you will be asked to enter the homework activation code provided by your school.

Homework activation code: ARO75U-HNL-YH-MNG


the school id is: ARO75U

the password is: HNLYHMNG

4. Your child will then see a familiar password screen, and will enter his/her password exactly as in school, and complete assigned games. (If there are no games visible, then I have not assigned new homework to be completed).
5. After playing, the child should always use the button on the bottom-left of the screen (just like at school) to exit the program and ensure that progress is recorded.

Optional: Create a bookmark or shortcut in your web browser for future access.
*MIND Research Institute is not responsible for technical support of the home use component. Should you encounter technical difficulties please contact your school or teacher for assistance.

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CA HSP math games. Numbers, Data Analysis, Geometry, Operations, Probability, Measurement, Algebra, Time and Money.

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Country Countdown, Fraction Action, Ice Station Exploration, Shapes Ahoy, The Number Games, and Numberopolis are games for all ages.

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Free math worksheets for elementary school and home use. This includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time, money, and more!

Rounding Chant

Find your place, look next door
Five or greater, add 1 more
All digits in front stay the same,
All digits behind, zero’s your name.
We will, We will, ROUND YOU
We will, We will, ROUND YOU

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California Assessment of Student Performance Practice test. The link above will take you to the Training Test site. You can use this site to take practice and training tests. Some questions require you to select one answer; others require you to type a short answer, draw a picture, or complete another type of open-ended task