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Miles Munchkins

                                               Welcome to Room 4!
                                      I'm so excited for the upcoming year...stay tuned!

Mrs. Miles...First Grade...Room 4

Contact Info.
(714) 529-2185 ext. 5104

1st Grade Supply List         

Please send the following items labeled with your child’s name:

1-inch 3-ring binder

Set of 5 dividers

Crayola crayons - box of 24***

Washable markers

Watercolors - small box of 8 colors

Glue bottle***

3 Glue sticks (Elmer's brand is best)***

12 pk. of Pencils (Ticonderoga brand is best)***

Pink erasers***

Pencil-top erasers***

Scissors (Fiskars brand is best)

Pencil box (4” x 8” size is best)

Whiteboard (about 9” x 11”)

Whiteboard marker*** & an old sock/eraser

1 Spiral Bound Notebook

Highlighter (any color)

Thin Black Felt-Tip Marker

Kleenex box

Clorox wipes


Ear Buds (small cone-shaped earphones work best;

please send in a sandwich baggie)

Thank you very much!!!

***If you are unable to provide your child with supplies, school funds will be available***

Character Counts!

character counts.jpg
Mondays are Character Counts celebration days. Wear the color of the trait we are focusing on for each month.

October: Caring
November: Fairness
December: Respect
January/February: Responsibility
March/April: Trustworthiness
May: Citizenship


What is Scrip?

The easiest fundraiser ever...

Click here for more information.

Click here to download SCRIP order form.


Ready to Learn…Every child starts here. Depending on the day’s behavior, your child may move up or down the behavior chart.

Think About It…final warning

Loss of Time…results in a time out at recess and a red ticket will go home for you to sign 

Parent Contact…Principal will be involved.

Your child could move up the chart as well, resulting in various rewards.

Wish List

Room 4 would greatly appreciate any of the following donations:
thin black markers (not Sharpies)
glue sticks
white cardstock
Crayola markers (broad tip)
mini marshmallows